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Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike, and Lil B

Letter to the editor: Bernie Sanders’ campaign especially culpable in social media misinformation

In February, Jenna Stanwood argued in her piece, “Social media normalizes misinformation in US presidential primaries,” that users of social media have become swept away with catchy slogans and misleading information, to the detriment of good decision-making, and that this trend is a worrying sign for democracy. All of these[Read More…]

Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike, and Lil B

When rappers feel the Bern: The impact Killer Mike and Lil B can have on Bernie Sanders’ campaign

Brandon "Lil B" McCarthey, AKA The Based God is a mysterious figure. His online persona is something that should not have worked: He obviously and aggressively tried to make himself go viral by creating numerous Myspace pages and Twitter accounts. Michael “Killer Mike” Render gained his fame by more conventional means,[Read More…]

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