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Montreal’s 2024 budget inflates a ballooning SPVM, while crucial accessibility issues go unaddressed

Announced on Nov. 15, Montreal’s 2024 budget raises serious concerns regarding the skewed allocation of funds accompanying the 3.5 per cent spending increase. The municipal government allocated the majority of the budget to investments in public transit––which is receiving a budget increase of $48.4 million, bringing it up to $715.6[Read More…]

Making sense of McGill’s underfunding crisis

  Students come to McGill for many reasons. For domestic students, it is an affordable, high-ranking, historically anglophone university; for international students, McGill’s prestige is comparable to top schools globally. But many students, especially international and out-of-province first years, are surprised to find that McGill’s services and resources are severely[Read More…]

From spinning to swimming

Between studying for midterms, participating in extracurriculars, and maintaining a social life, it can be difficult for students to squeeze exercise into their schedules despite the many health benefits it provides. For some, just climbing up to the McGill fitness centre is enough of a workout. These alternative workout spaces[Read More…]

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