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Panellists convene to discuss human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China

McGill’s Muslim Law Students’ Association hosted a panel titled “What’s happening to China’s Uyghurs?” on Nov. 11 to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) imprisonment of the minority Muslim group in the Xinjiang province in northwestern China. The discussion featured Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Garnett Genius, who currently sits[Read More…]


Confessions of a fangirl

When I first arrived at McGill, I was eager to make friends and answer all perfunctory introductory questions—what I study, where I come from, and what residence I live in. However, there was one fact I was always afraid to confess: I was a huge fan of TFBoys, the most popular[Read More…]

Panellists discuss China’s environmental challenges

Last Friday, the Society of China Studies hosted a panel discussion to explore the issue of China’s environmental challenges. The panel consisted of assistant professor Juan Wang from the Department of Political Science; assistant professor Jill Baumgartner from the Department of Epidemiology; and visiting scholar Wenting Liang from the Department[Read More…]

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