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Bringing Pride to Chinatown

There was once a time when the terms “Pride” and “Chinatown” would not be associated unless you were talking about a restaurateur’s delight in the quality of their har gow (Cantonese dumplings). However, these days in Montreal’s Chinatown district, pride has a new meaning. On Sept. 12, queer folks and[Read More…]

Centering the faces and stories of Chinatown’s residents

On May 26, Rue de la Gauchetière, the main street of Montreal’s Chinatown, welcomed “Dialogue with the Sino-Montreal Community,” a photo exhibition showcasing the diverse faces and experiences of its residents. Presented in partnership with the Centre des mémoires montréalaises and the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal, the project was[Read More…]

Behind the bar at Poincaré

Located in Chinatown, local and environmentally-conscious Cantine Poincaré is a hidden gem to enjoy on a chill night out with friends. The selection of craft beers and fermented snacks offers a unique, genuine Quebec pub experience. The McGill Tribune sat down with chef and co-founder Jeremiah Bullied, who also teaches fermentation[Read More…]

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