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Becoming a 5-star chef has never been easier 

The transition to apartment life can be a daunting experience for many students. On top of the heavy workload that accompanies attending McGill––the prestigious academic institution we all know it to be––students are faced with balancing perhaps the most strenuous task of apartment-living: Cooking for themselves. Perpetual dissatisfaction with one’s[Read More…]

SUKO Magazine seeks to uplift artists and foster a collaborative artistic community

Ornate lines intersect and intertwine in an eye-catching design, etched in a variety of burgundy, gray, green, and purple hues. Designed by visual artist William Mora, this intricate image, pulling inspiration from the artist’s Colombian roots, serves as a gateway to SUKO Magazine’s glossy 100-page spread featuring interviews with and[Read More…]

The process is the protest

Between March 7 and March 18, organizers from Divest McGill occupied the McCall MacBain Arts Building to protest McGill’s multi-million dollar investments in the fossil fuel industry, calling on McGill to confront their complicity in settler-colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism.  Over the past two weeks, Divest not only called attention[Read More…]

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