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Based on traits: Selecting more resilient wood for future wood-building industries

Before concrete and steel, wood was the predominant material in many human endeavours. Nowadays, while wood has been mostly replaced, its usage remains common. Wood construction specialists, however, continue to rely on only a few species, limiting their survivability against climate change. To ensure the viability of forestry and building[Read More…]

The uncertain future of Bar des Arts

For over a year now, many McGill clubs and services, such as Midnight Kitchen and Schulich Library, have been affected by indefinite construction. Among the impacted spaces is McGill’s beloved Bar des Arts (BdA).  Usually taking place every Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Arts Lounge located in[Read More…]

Construction is inevitable, accessibility barriers are not

The McGill experience would not be complete without campus construction. However, while some campus improvements are necessary, construction should not bar students or faculty with disabilities from participating in classes and campus life. Able-bodied people may see construction as damaging to the campus’ aesthetics, but for disabled McGill students, construction[Read More…]

Tribune Explains: Campus Construction

To better understand seemingly never-ending construction on campus, The McGill Tribune delved into McGill’s various ongoing projects. What structures and buildings will be affected? There are a handful of projects that will take place within the next few years. Some of the more prominent projects include the Students’ Society of McGill[Read More…]

Understanding asbestos

Asbestos: Mid-twentieth century American houses were hopeless without it. Malcolm in the Middle made a punchline out of it in an episode. Now, buildings are being forced to remove it, and some countries—including Canada—are introducing legislation to ban it completely. This is a problem that hits close to home, since many[Read More…]

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