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It’s the friends you make along the way

Everybody has something they’re overly attached to. Whether it’s that old stuffed tiger you had as a kid, or the ever-growing jungle of houseplants taking up your entire living room, we often develop emotional attachments to the inanimate objects that colour our lives. A select few, however, take this a[Read More…]


Finding solace in sports

Skiing Sarah Farnand, Sports Editor Since I was a kid, skiing has been a great source of comfort. I began waterskiing when I was five years old, and started downhill skiing shortly after. After a few laps around the lake and a few trips down the bunny hill in the[Read More…]

A love letter to Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Formula One weekend dominates Montreal in June, with groups of tourists wearing team-branded caps meandering around the city, and taking in the sights. This year, Formula One weekend was cancelled, along with all the events that surround it. Roaring engines, cheering crowds, and screeching tires have been replaced by the[Read More…]

Winter on two wheels

The removal of BIXI bikes every November can only mean one thing: Winter is coming. For some, this spells the end of biking season, but many Montrealers continue to bike even during the long, cold months. In fact, the number of winter cyclists in Montreal rose by 14 per cent[Read More…]

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