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Deep Cuts: Under the Sun

What A Buzz Artist: Olly Murs Album: Right Place Right Time Released: November 26, 2012 All about a nervous first date, “What A Buzz” boasts simple lyrics, an incredibly catchy chorus, and goofy vocals. “Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks are going red […] What a beautiful buzz[Read More…]

Deep Cuts: Dark Undertones

Chainsaw  Artist: Ramones Album: Ramones Released: February 4, 1976 This song begins with a chainsaw. Jonny Ramone’s heavily distorted, relentless guitar keeps up that chainsaw sound throughout—power chords, power chords, and more power chords—and Joey Ramone’s doo-wop, ooooh-oh-oh vocals don’t even try to disguise the fact that the song is[Read More…]

Deep Cuts: Mellow and meditative

Weightless Artist: Marconi Union  Album: Single Released: October 16, 2011   In 2011, with the help of professional sound therapists, the British artist Marconi Union purposely crafted the most relaxing song of all time. The eight-minute ambient track is a conglomerate of perfectly calculated harmonic intervals, designed to induce a[Read More…]

Deep Cuts: Time Warp

My Same Artist: Adele Album: 19 Released: January 28, 2008 Adele has made a name for herself with her soulful and powerful voice, bringing new beauty to pop ballads. In “My Same” Adele’s vocal muscles were not flexed as far as on other tracks, but the cool vintage piece highlights[Read More…]

Deep Cuts: Turning Points

He’s Gonna Step On You Again (aka Step On) Artist: John Kongos Album: He’s Gonna Step On You Again Released: 1971 Sampling is such a staple of modern music that it has become almost an overused nuance—unless, of course, you’re Kanye West. While the origins of sampling are blurry, largely[Read More…]

Deep Cuts: Songs that Give you the Creeps

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Artist: Nancy Sinatra Album: How Does That Grab You? Released: January 1, 1966      Originally written by Sonny Bono and recorded by Cher, this song has been covered by a number of great artists since then, but no version is quite so[Read More…]

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