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Does intersectionality benefit activist movements?

Campus organizations frequently work together on political and social justice issues. Last Fall, Divest McGill worked with Aboriginal groups on campus during the simultaneous Fossil Free and Aboriginal Awareness Weeks, and Divest McGill and Demilitarize McGill oftentimes collaborate. While the methods of each of these organizations have been criticized and[Read More…]

Why Demilitarize McGill should embrace Remembrance Day

As Remembrance Day approaches, Demilitarize McGill has once again been causing controversy on campus. This year, the group announced a campaign called #RememberThis, which calls for McGill students to physically disrupt or deface sites on campus that memorialize war. Their announcement has sparked both debate and outrage on social media,[Read More…]


SSMU Council adopts climate change policy

Following lengthy discussions, a global climate change policy and a motion regarding Demilitarize McGill’s proposal for campus alterations were adopted by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Council this past Thursday. Adoption of climate change policy Council, following extensive debate, passed a climate change policy. Engineering Representative to SSMU,[Read More…]

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