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Keeping your cool in the cold

The winter is brutal: It gets dark too early and the freezing temperatures make going anywhere a miserable experience. The cold environment can make it hard to find joy this season, but here are some winter rituals that might help.  Be proactive During the wintertime, the stronger desire to stay[Read More…]

Eat your greens

Among other changes, Canada’s 2019 Food Guide places dairy and meat in the same category as other sources of protein including fish, beans, and tofu. The diet of every Canadian is at stake, with the Canada Food Guide influencing the recommendations of teachers, doctors, and dietitians across the country. The new[Read More…]

Food, Facts, & Fiction

Waiting patiently on the centre of a table sits a large bowl of homemade gravy, the warm smell of turkey-stuffing wafts through the room, and hot steam rises from the garlic mashed potatoes; it’s Thanksgiving. It is a perfect time to give thanks for what everyone truly loves—food. Dinner is[Read More…]

The power of potatoes

Potatoes, known for their carbohydrate content and delicious role in poutine, have a reputation for being unhealthy with dieters usually avoiding them at all costs. But a team of researchers from McGill University has shown that potatoes may in fact help those trying to slim down. The team fed a[Read More…]

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