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UpLift Canada renews old clothes

The UpLift Canada Foundation is a newly established, student-led initiative spearheaded by Maggie Larocque, U3 Arts. Perplexed by the 10 million tons of clothing North Americans throw out every single year, UpLift’s founders devised an upcycling process that provides clothing to individuals in housing shelters. In addition, UpLift offers opportunities[Read More…]

Senate reports record-breaking philanthropic achievements

McGill’s most recent fundraising campaign, History in the Making, ran from 2005 to 2013 and raised $1.026 billion over the nine years. To surpass this amount in the upcoming celebration of McGill’s bicentennial, Road to 200, Weinstein proposed a target of $1.5 billion. He emphasized the importance of capitalizing on McGill’s diverse alumni cohort, given that alumni gave 95 per cent of FY17 donations and often donated with particular areas of interest in mind, such as libraries or scholarships.

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