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Cracking the honesty code: Key techniques for encouraging honesty in children

Honesty is a crucial foundation for relationships and cooperation. In early childhood education, helping children recognize the importance of honesty is fundamental.  Victoria Talwar, professor in McGill’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and lab director of the Talwar Child Development Research Lab, recently published a paper in Developmental Psychology[Read More…]

Say my name (right)

At the start of every school year, my high school held a special assembly to honour seniors. Every senior was called up one by one by the principal to grab special red ties, meant to symbolize their maturity. In my last year, I was so excited for the assembly. But[Read More…]

Sexual health education for young people needs to be prioritized

Quebec’s ÉduSex Coalition, a sexual health advocacy group, is demanding change in the provincial education program as sexually transmitted infection (STI) cases, domestic violence, and sexual violence have increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coalition contends that fighting these issues starts in the classroom. These health concerns are especially worrisome[Read More…]

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