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Point-Counterpoint: McGill’s decision to pause its $50 million French program

McGill must teach Legault a lesson – Liliana Mason  Following the Quebec government’s Oct. 13 announcement of a tuition hike for out-of-province and international students, the McGill administration announced a pause to its $50 million Rayonnement du Français initiative—set to teach both students, faculty and staff French and help them[Read More…]

Letter to the Editor: No, there is no “quest for monolingual domination” in Québec

Letter to the Editor: There is no “quest for monolingual domination” in Québec

On Sept. 18, The McGill Tribune published an opinion piece titled “Quebec’s quest for monolingual domination makes healthcare less accessible.” In this article, the author made dubious and confusing links between Bill 10, font changes on information signs at Saint Mary’s hospital, and what he described as “Quebec’s quest for monolingual[Read More…]

Commentary: Diffusing anglophone tension in Quebec

Anglophone-francophone relations in Quebec have not been off to a good start in 2015 as the tension and unrest within anglophone communities is reaching a climax. Graham Fraser, the official language commissioner of Canada, recently made a call for the Quebec government to create an Office of Anglophone Affairs, a[Read More…]

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