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Emma Roberts and James Franco in Palo Alto

The kids are more than alright in Palo Alto

There’s one point during Palo Alto where first-time director Gia Coppola—yes, from that Coppola family—chooses to play the famous Phoebe Cates pool scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High on a television screen. It’s a bold acknowledgement of one of the all-time greatest coming-of-age films, a legacy that Coppola no doubt hopes her[Read More…]

Call for intervenors

Posted on behalf of the SSMU Judicial Board: The Judicial Board has accepted jurisdiction to hear an appeal submitted by Tariq Khan regarding the invalidation of his election as President.  The appeal will be heard at the end of April and we are extending an invitation to anyone wishing to intervene[Read More…]

Redpath Museum at McGill

The Many Faces of the Redpath Museum

It isn’t often that a museum exhibit gets to stare back at its visitors. But for the past year, those who have climbed to the third floor of the Redpath Museum have been able to lock eyes with three unexpectedly youthful new faces—model reconstructions of what the museum’s 2000-year-old Egyptian mummies[Read More…]

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