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The hidden opponent: How ACL tears threaten women’s soccer

In the Feature of the Week: From sidelining top players in the 2023 women’s soccer World Cup to affecting young athletes on school playgrounds, Sports Editor Anoushka Oke delves into why ACL injuries in women’s soccer have become the sports unseen opponent, prompting pressing questions about deeper systemic issues in the beautiful game.

Becoming a Canadian in Canada

Before I went on exchange last winter, my mum sewed a small Canadian flag to my backpack. I was apprehensive: It felt like a a bold, definitive declaration of my nationality. As an anonymous traveller, your country of origin comes to define you, and I wasn’t sure I was ready[Read More…]

Becoming Canadian in Canada

Where are you from?

Back at my international high school in Tokyo, I could answer this seemingly simple question with, “I was born in Canada, but I was raised in Japan,” and that would be that. Many of my friends answered with two or three countries and it seemed like a perfectly-appropriate reply. However,[Read More…]

McGill’s annual International Food Festival: Sharing culture through curries, couscous, and more

On Jan. 25, the third floor of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) building bustled with hungry students leaning over plates of food at the International Food Festival. The festival, hosted annually since 2012 by the McGill-based organization Borderless World Volunteers (BWV), raises funds for student volunteer trips with[Read More…]

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