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Curing the McLennan blues

For many students, midterms, paper writing, and the pressure of the approaching finals season means that they must spend the majority of their waking hours in the infamous McLennan-Redpath Library Complex. McLennan-Redpath is known to evoke strong feelings of anxiety, dread, and stress among its dwellers, due in large part[Read More…]

Editorial: For a 21st Century education, McGill must focus on the present

The plans for the new McLennan-Redpath library, referred to as Fiat Lux, are ambitious. Although the university hopes that this impressive crystalline addition will epitomize the 21st century, propelling the university into modernity will take more than a shiny design. The most wide-ranging consultation with students took place on whiteboards[Read More…]

Library Improvement Fund creates initiative to eliminate PDA

The Library Improvement Fund (LIF) released its report this week outlining the initiatives that will be undertaken in the 2015-2016 academic year. The report includes plans to improve the library facilities, as well as strategies for the implementation of several special projects.  One of the main undertakings is the creation[Read More…]

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