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Mohawk Mothers return to court as McGill begins drilling on New Vic site

Content Warning: Mentions of assault and death The Kanien’kehá:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers) called an emergency three-hour hearing on  Sept. 14 over the ongoing archaeological investigation into McGill’s New Vic Project site, where they believe there may be unmarked graves of Indigenous children.  Prompted by McGill’s decision to commence drilling on[Read More…]

McGill reports nine potential grave zones at New Vic site a week after security verbally assaulted Mohawk Mothers

CW: Mentions of assault and death  On July 25, the Kanien’kehá:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers) were verbally assaulted by security personnel on McGill’s New Vic project site. A week later, on Aug. 3, McGill issued a comprehensive press release about the ongoing investigation into the New Vic project site, announcing that[Read More…]

Mohawk Mothers reach settlement agreement with McGill to search for potential graves at New Vic site

Content Warning: Mentions of psychological and physical abuse The Kanien’kehá:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers) appeared in the Superior Court of Quebec on April 20 for a case management hearing about their recent settlement agreement with McGill. The hearing concluded a years-long legal battle over searching for potential unmarked Indigenous graves on[Read More…]

Judge grants injunction to halt New Vic construction in historic win for Mohawk Mothers

A Quebec Superior Court judge, Justice Gregory Moore, granted the Kanien’kehà:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers) an interlocutory injunction on Oct. 27, after a two-day court hearing for the Mothers’ ongoing lawsuit against McGill over potential unmarked Indigenous graves on McGill’s New Vic site. This injunction will effectively halt all archeological work[Read More…]

Government officials brought onto Kanien’kehà:ka Kahnistensera court case against McGill

CW: Mentions of colonial violence, abuse On Sept. 20, the Kanien’kehà:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers) attended a case management hearing at the Quebec Superior Court as part of their ongoing lawsuit against McGill over the New Vic project.  Exceptionally, federal and provincial representatives were brought onto the case as third parties.[Read More…]

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