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Bukowski, Dunaway, and Rourke in "Barfly"

Flashback: Barfly (1987)

Deemed a “laureate of American lowlife” by Time in 1986, Charles Bukowski was a 20th century poet, novelist, and working-class alcoholic. His deadpan confessional style, glorification of alcohol, and misanthropic view of humanity has appealed to a large cult readership over the years. In 1987, unknown to most, Bukowski entered the[Read More…]


Film Review: Bonjour Hi

Bonjour Hi is a multi-director film created by Sean Lee, Giuliana Mazzetta, Ben Koring, Christina Wood, and Ryan MacDowell. The movie, which was co-produced with TVM: Student Television at McGill, consists of three short film with four storylines. One of the producers, Jack Johnson, noted that the team hoped to create[Read More…]

ethan hawke and seymour bernstein

10,000 hours in 84 minutes

Seymour: An Introduction, the new documentary from actor/director Ethan Hawke, focuses on pianist Seymour Bernstein, but it’s really an in-depth look at the search for greatness. Without taking attention away from Bernstein, who’s given a treatment bordering on hagiographic—and deservedly so—the film becomes a guide to those seeking answers to[Read More…]

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