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North Korean defector shares her story with McGill students

“[People can help by communicating with] North Korea […] because now we have very limited accessibility about our world, that’s the reason why the North Korean government still keeps their [power],” Cha said. “The second thing is you can support their basic needs. In Canada there is [First Steps, a charity,] to [send food….] The last thing is you can support the North Korean refugees, and actually you are doing it here by listening to my stories.”

Off the Board: The folly of satirizing North Korea

Satire has often been an effective form of political protest used to garner attention towards raging dictatorships around the world and to provide a common ground upon which individuals can unite to creatively point out the disfunctionalities of authoritarian systems. The latest incident that has incited uproar on media outlets[Read More…]

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