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McGill men’s lacrosse beats Trent in second OT

The Sept. 14 afternoon matchup between the McGill men’s lacrosse team (2–0) and the Trent University Excalibur (2–1) was a thrilling early-season affair. McGill showed tremendous character and perseverance to beat Trent 8–7 in double overtime. The action started quickly when fourth-year defenceman Connor Plante caught a sailing pass and[Read More…]

The NHL’s point system woes

Teams take advantage of the NHL’s point system, staying cautious and stalling until they can get a guaranteed one point in overtime. Since a win in overtime, or in the shootout, is worth the same two points as a regulation win, and a loss in this scenario grants one point, there’s no reason to risk losing in regulation and miss out on a point that requires just holding out a few more minutes.

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