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Student journalism must serve as an example for mainstream media on responsible reporting

Student journalism has a long, rich history of on-the-ground reporting of university-related issues. McGill’s first newspaper, The McGill Gazette, began in 1874, and today’s vibrant publications maintain this legacy. In light of recent violence in Israel and Palestine, rising tensions on campuses have illuminated the division and bias that mainstream[Read More…]

Free speech

Use your own words

As classes begin anew, the term ‘fake news’ has re-entered the vocabulary of many liberal arts students and professors alike. Even in legitimate contexts—such as calling out doctored journalism or describing viral conspiracy theories—the use of the term is deplorable. Over the past few years, arguments have been made for[Read More…]

Journalists discuss hyper-polarization in the media

On Oct. 30, McGill’s Max Bell School of Public Policy and Media@McGill hosted a panel titled Responsible Journalism in the Age of Hyper-Polarization on partisan division in the media. The talk, moderated by Andrew Potter, assistant professor at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, brought together Policy Options Editor-in-Chief[Read More…]

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