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McGill Governance 101

McGill University has an extensive system of governance bodies that manage its affairs from the undergraduate level up to administration. Making sense of this immensely complicated system is challenging to the untrained student, so we’re here to help you understand the who’s and what’s of this year’s campus politics.  SSMU[Read More…]

McGill Senate reacts to BoG decision to not divest

Following the McGill University Board of Governors’ (BoG) vote against adopting Divest McGill’s proposed actions, the Mar. 23 Senate meeting had members discussing transparency in McGill’s finances and actions. Maintaining ethical research behaviour was another topic of deliberation, as well as ensuring that no student final evaluations weighted higher than[Read More…]

Senators discuss research misconduct, divestment

Faculty members and students will now face new procedures when accused of research misconduct. At its meeting on Jan. 13, the McGill Senate approved a new research misconduct policy, discussed the university’s climate change policy, and heard annual reports from members. Research misconduct policy revisions Senate passed a research misconduct[Read More…]

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