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no-smoking sign outside mclennan library

Stepping off of (vape) cloud nine

Like a category five hurricane making landfall midsummer, swirling clouds of mango-flavoured e-cigarette vapour have descended upon North American university campuses. The vape is becoming as ubiquitous today as cigarettes were 60 years ago. Advertising themselves as safer alternatives to smoking cigarettes, products such as the Juul exploded onto the[Read More…]

Is McGill depriving your right to smoke?

Is McGill depriving your right to smoke? Contributor Heng Jiang addresses McGill’s new smoking policy. How will it affect students (smokers and non-smokers alike)? Where will the designated smoking areas on campus be? Will you be able to smoke weed on campus when it is legalized? Is this the right first step in McGill’s mission to phase-out smoking on campus entirely?

Lighting up the path to a smoke-free campus

Between the congregation of smokers found in front of Leacock and the countless cigarette butts littered near Roddick Gates, it is not difficult to spot nicotine use at McGill. In a way, smoking is accepted as a regular part of campus life. The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU), however,[Read More…]

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