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Curating the perfect photo dump

For painting, it was the self-portrait. For sculpture, the bust. For movies, the film noir. Every art form has an influential format that forever changes the medium, yet none can compare with the format that has taken the art of social media posting by storm—the photo dump.  A collection of[Read More…]

Are we well-informed at McGill?

In recent years, traditional media has continued its harrowing downward trajectory while audiences turn towards social media for news. On a campus like McGill’s, that emphasizes critical thinking and research skills, do students’ news-consumption habits reflect the digital age of 2024? Data from Statistics Canada in November 2023 revealed that[Read More…]

Are dumb phones a smart move?

​​A growing number of young adults are making the shift away from using smartphones in favour of “dumb,” or flip, phones. Some students make this transition only during exam periods, while others have committed to using these devices full-time. Despite the prevailing belief that the flip phone market has flatlined[Read More…]

Should I link in to LinkedIn?

In the workforce, employers often frame LinkedIn as an essential social media platform for those looking to enter the job market. For university students, LinkedIn’s most prominent features are its networking, job search, and job recruitment features, so most only join once they begin looking for internships or post-graduation employment.[Read More…]

How “girl dinner” could fight the patriarchy

Content Warning: Discussion of disordered eating “Girl dinner,” a recent TikTok sensation, reveals what’s lurking in the backs of refrigerators and cupboards at dinnertime when you have procrastinated grocery shopping. An experience resonating with people of all genders, it shows creators poking fun at makeshift meals. While “girl dinner” started[Read More…]

Know Your Admin: McGill Athletics

If you’re a McGill student that cares even a little bit about McGill sports, odds are you follow @mcgillathletics on Instagram. With over 10,000 followers, the Instagram account connects athletes, students, fans, and alumni who root for the Martlets and the Redbirds. From schedule updates to analytics to live game[Read More…]

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