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Grantland is dead; long live Grantland

On Friday, Oct. 30, 2015, Grantland died. After four years, the sports and pop culture website’s time has come to an end. In its short existence, Grantland became known for its wide range of longform journalism and blogging. Despite its cult following and consistent high-quality writing, Grantland was doomed from[Read More…]

McGill University Arts Building

Commentary: McGill spirit more than homecoming

Last week, McGill students might have pretended not to notice the one lonely person standing at the Y-intersection flaunting a poster for McGill homecoming in front of disinterested passing faces. Unsurprisingly, having a one-man promo team accosting students didn’t work. His words fell on deaf ears; nothing he could have[Read More…]

10 Things: Defunct sports franchises

1) Montreal Expos The Montreal Expos, named after the Expo ’67 World's Fair, began play in 1969 as the first Major League Baseball franchise outside the United States. After posting 10 straight losing seasons, the Expos enjoyed moderate success in the early ’80s and the early ’90s, capped by their[Read More…]

'world cup canada women

The greater goal of the Women’s World Cup

It amazes me when girls, many of whom play soccer themselves, say matter-of-factly that they do not like watching women’s soccer as much as men’s. Perhaps those who watched this year’s Women’s World Cup, held in Canada, might now say otherwise, yet by simply looking at my own experiences, it’s[Read More…]

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