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Students’ Society of McGill University Executive Midterm Reviews 2020-2021

Jemark Earle, President  Jemark Earle campaigned for the position of SSMU president with two major goals in mind: Pinpointing and improving SSMU’s logistical weaknesses and carving out space for under-represented voices in high-level, decision-making arenas at McGill. Over Summer 2020 and throughout the Fall 2020 semester, Earle has proven to be[Read More…]

SSMU holds sixth annual Mental Health Awareness Week

The Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) annual Mental Health Awareness Week, which took place virtually from Oct. 4 until Oct. 10, consisted of various lectures and workshops that served to deconstruct the stigma surrounding mental illness.  SSMU held many interactive events over the week, such as mental health workshops[Read More…]

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