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Restructuring our schools starts with our students

In the Feature of the Week: North American public schools reinforce systemic racial and socioeconomic inequity and marginalized students deserve better support. Opinion editor Isaiah Albert-Stein argues that educational reforms must center anti-oppressive practices and young people’s agency.

Why everyone deserves therapy

Therapy. There, I said it. A word that, despite its immeasurable benefits, carries the heavy weight of unrelenting stigma everywhere it goes. In the industrialized world, 25 per cent of adults experience significant mental health problems each year that require intervention in the form of psychotherapy and/or medication. In particular,[Read More…]

Virtual student government elections offer a more accessible framework

As the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) executive election campaign period takes off this week, this year’s candidates will migrate to virtual platforms and social media to campaign. Online elections present new challenges to student engagement and require innovative approaches to campaigning. But if harnessed properly, the remote circumstances[Read More…]

Lessons from my hometown

I grew up in a trailer park in Upstate New York. Having moved several times throughout my early childhood, I remember moving into the trailer with my mother and brother as an exciting moment: Even though I had to share my bedroom, it was the largest one that I had[Read More…]

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