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An ode to the hater

At the end of sixth grade—a year fraught with the kind of drama only 11-year-old girls can come up with—I made a promise to myself: No more talking shit. I do not think I ever really thought I was going to follow through with it. It was the kind of[Read More…]

Student journalism must serve as an example for mainstream media on responsible reporting

Student journalism has a long, rich history of on-the-ground reporting of university-related issues. McGill’s first newspaper, The McGill Gazette, began in 1874, and today’s vibrant publications maintain this legacy. In light of recent violence in Israel and Palestine, rising tensions on campuses have illuminated the division and bias that mainstream[Read More…]

Point-Counterpoint: McGill’s decision to pause its $50 million French program

McGill must teach Legault a lesson – Liliana Mason  Following the Quebec government’s Oct. 13 announcement of a tuition hike for out-of-province and international students, the McGill administration announced a pause to its $50 million Rayonnement du Français initiative—set to teach both students, faculty and staff French and help them[Read More…]

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