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The darker side of pre-med

For many pre-medical students, dreams of practising medicine have been playing through their minds since they were children. It’s the allure of being able to save someone’s life, help a person feel better, or finally provide that answer a patient has been searching for. Of course, some people have other[Read More…]

The power of effective studying

Productivity and procrastination: The notorious p-words of finals season. As students pack into libraries like sardines to cram a semester’s worth of information into a few days, final exams seem like the only thing on anyone’s mind. Fortunately, there are ways to make the studying process more effective and less[Read More…]

On why the cult of productivity is not productive

As a child, being productive simply meant you were hard-working and diligent. Today, however, productivity seems to signify a golden standard of existence everyone should aim for: It is a concept which is heralded by society. There is an endless source of self-help books and blog posts dedicated to teaching[Read More…]

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