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The value of working a summer service job

For most, the quintessential image of summer calls to mind beach getaways and backyard barbeques, not washing dishes or consoling cranky customers from behind a cash register. By the end of a long school year, students are more than ready to embrace the summer vacation mindset and relax, but the[Read More…]

Stuff we liked this summer

Summer 2018 saw no shortage of consumable content. But while some plebs may have been watching Netflix rom-com To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on repeat, or blasting Drake’s Scorpion, the A&E team had their ears to the ground. Here’s some stuff for your ears and eyes that we found especially cool.

What is an “internship?”

For me, and hopefully for many other McGill students, this academic year is all about honesty. School is difficult; let’s talk about it. I’m saying goodbye to “everything’s fine.” No more plastering a fake smile over my insecurities. I’m done with pretending. This year is about finding strength in vulnerability,[Read More…]

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