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Obeying the biological clock

In the future, patients may be faced with a very curious question at the doctor’s office: What time are you? This puzzling question is becoming increasingly crucial in the study of vaccines. More specifically, medical professionals are looking for a link between people’s ‘biological clock’ and their immunity response. Researchers[Read More…]

The HPV vaccine works for men, too

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is a multi-strain DNA virus from the papillomaviridae family, and is the most common sexually transmitted infection. While infection most often manifests as either asymptomatic, or in the form of treatable genital warts, certain strains have been identified to cause various life-threatening cancers. These include more[Read More…]

Give the flu shot a shot

Vaccinations are very much in the public consciousness right now as a small, but vocal, section of people make this medical issue into a political one. They claim regular vaccinations lead to adverse health effects such as autism and rare muscular disorders. Although the flu shot is now in their[Read More…]

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