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Podcasting as a medium for all

For the 20th event in the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker Series, podcaster Anna Sigrithur led a Feminist Podcasting Workshop on Jan. 10 in Wilson Hall. With about 20 participants, the workshop was an interactive and judgement-free space. Sigrithur began by describing the most common podcast formats,[Read More…]

McGill holds active shooter response workshops

On Sept. 18, McGill held one of three active shooter workshops scheduled for this year. The workshops, which McGill began facilitating five years ago, is designed to inform students and staff about how to stay safe during an active shooter situation. This scenario is defined in McGill’s security protocol as[Read More…]

Harm Reduction 101 workshop discusses models and strategies for building stronger communities

The Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition (IW2SHRC) hosted a two-hour workshop on Sunday, Nov. 16 as part of the Mental Health Awareness Week. Titled “Harm Reduction 101”, the interactive workshop discussed essential harm reduction practices, especially regarding drug use and HIV/AIDS among the indigenous community. Lindsay Nixon, U3[Read More…]

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