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Solitary studies

This school year has presented unique challenges to McGill students around the world. With remote classes, fluctuations of public health measures, and ongoing travel restrictions, many students have had to adjust their academic plans. Now, students attend class from all over the world, often making it difficult for these individuals[Read More…]

The pros and cons of taking notes by hand

With the transition from in-person to online lectures, one thing is certain: How students engage with course material remains important, and this includes taking effective notes. Because of the online format, however, students now have the freedom to watch recorded lectures at their own pace and no longer have to[Read More…]

Shooting your shot on Zoom

Remote classes are not an ideal learning method for anyone, but this does not mean you cannot have some fun with it. Beyond adjusting academically, adapting socially to remote learning is a whole other ballpark. Reaching out to strangers online is a challenge to be conquered.  One of my classmates[Read More…]

Creating the baby zoomer generation

Zoom, a company that would have been unknown to many this time last year, has become a mainstay in our everyday lives. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed this little-known video conferencing application into a multi-billion dollar company, and for good reason: It offered an effective and simple video-call platform for workplaces[Read More…]

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