Avey Tare – Down There

Often overshadowed by the overwhelming success of his bandmate Panda Bear, many are probably unaware that Avey Tare—one-fourth of Animal Collective—works as a solo artist as well. Down There, his solo debut, takes the listener on an adventure through the depths of murky swamps, riding distorted synths and bass-heavy sampling[Read More…]

A Woman’s Right to Sex

Much to the chagrin of prudes, puritans, and everyone in between, the “Fuck List” of a recent Duke graduate was recently leaked on the Internet. The list, dubbed a “senior thesis” by creator Karen Owen (or as I shall soon need to call her, Hester Prynne), contained an in-depth analysis[Read More…]

Winnipeg’s Grand Analog samples more than just sounds

With a sound as eclectic as the members and inspirations behind it, Grand Analog is a dub/rock/soul/hip-hop group originally from Winnipeg. When describing the band’s style, front man Odario Williams says, “It’s openness, and it’s freedom, and it is our version of hip-hop.

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