Reflections from four years abroad

Almost four years ago, I helped my father load our station wagon with the basic accoutrements I needed to begin university life: clothes, bedding, and a new laptop. I also packed one more thing: my recently approved Canadian student visa.  As a relatively apolitical New Yorker, I assumed going to[Read More…]

The Alchemist translates into pure theatrical gold

Alice Walker A few swindlers promise gullible investors a huge rate of return for modest investments. Sound familiar? Actually, these kinds of schemes were going on long before the 21st century, and Ben Jonson’s 1610 comedy, The Alchemist, is a testament to that.  Currently being performed by the McGill Department[Read More…]

Weddings over disasters?

The world has witnessed massive destruction and upheaval over the past few months, but still more apparently captivating to the public imagination is the upcoming wedding of England’s Prince William to his princess-to-be, Kate Middleton.   Not only fascinating to British folk who worship the royal family, The Toronto Star[Read More…]

Vancouver band proves that some fans prefer blondes The CBC called them “one of the 10 Canadian bands destined to break in 2010.” Chart called them “the best of the 2010 Canadian Music Week festival.” Now, Yukon Blonde is gracing stages all over Canada on a cross-country tour, and if the Vancouver band’s infectious pop-rock melodies haven’t[Read More…]

Eat, drink, and be merry…unless you’re not After tending to their vegetable garden and sharing a warm cup of tea, Tom and Gerri Happle go home to fill their wine glasses and cook a hearty dinner. Occasionally, they invite friends, or their son Joe, to break bread with them. Through thick and through thin, from[Read More…]

Song and dance for the tortured soul

Alice Walker What do you do when you’re trapped in a Buenos Aires prison? You fantasize about movie stars, of course. That, at least, is how Molina—a gay window-dresser in prison for “corrupting a minor”—has gotten through his darkest hours. When Valentin, a hunky Marxist revolutionary accused of attempting to[Read More…]

The Tempest

Many of the films that will be contending in this year’s Academy Awards were released during the holiday season. For this reason, we bring you a rundown of the best movies from December 2010 that you should be sure to catch in theatres before school starts taking over.

Reviving the undead through song

In this climate of all-things vampire, it is no surprise that Montreal’s Camp Broadway is now performing Dracula: The Musical. Based on Dracula, the Bram Stoker novel, the musical attempts to stay true to the classic Victorian tale—but this time, the story is propelled by dramatic musical numbers. With music[Read More…]

Katy Perry : Teenage Dream

For an album that was touted as the cementing of Katy Perry’s abilities as a credible singer/songwriter, Teenage Dream sure missed the mark. It’s bubblegum pop at its most extreme (read: cotton candy-scented liner notes!), and most of the lyrics are about as trite and non-poetic as those on a[Read More…]

Don’t cheat on the queen

Sophie Silkes  As a broke college student, attending an opera can be jarring and strange: spectators are dressed to the nines, songs are sung in languages most of us don’t understand, actors are wearing over-the-top costumes, and melodramatic stories are being unfurled before us. But if you suspend your cynicism,[Read More…]

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