Remains of Chennai Central

Growing up, I dreaded going to India every summer. The prospect of leaving France to spend two months in the heavy heat, shuttling from one family member to another, and having to speak Tamil brought me nothing but anguish and desperation for cancelled flights. My resentment of my Indian identity[Read More…]

Two minutes till dawn

Every morning, my phone tells me the sun is setting two minutes later than the day before. Most students would be warmed by the thought of another winter ending and brighter days coming soon to wash away the snow. Yet, every morning, I cannot help but feel a slight anxiety[Read More…]

Systemic neglect continues as Montreal’s houselessness crisis worsens

More than 3,000 people remain without a home this winter despite years of tireless advocacy from community organizations around Montreal. Almost half of Montreal’s unhoused population is Inuit, reflecting Quebec’s ongoing settler-colonial project.  The city’s attempts at resolving the crisis remain inadequate and ineffective. In 2021, the city provided 1,550[Read More…]

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