How to train for a marathon in 20 days

If you have a goal to which people respond “you’re crazy” or “I’d rather die,” you’d be wise to proceed with care. This past weekend, I ran in Montreal’s Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon; here is what I did to ensure I arrived alive at the finish line.   Pre-Race Become[Read More…]

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story

The iconic song that concludes Hamilton, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” elicits a fundamental inspiration for creativity—the idea of sonder, that each individual is living a life as complex and intricate as our own. I myself wonder whether or not my stories will matter, and marvel at[Read More…]

The impact of music on identity

Music affects the human brain in endless ways. From experiencing pleasure and joy to sound, to remembering autobiographical events, to communicating through movement, music impacts humans constantly and significantly. In a recent study published in February in Scientific Reports—led by Cognitive Psychologist and Professor Dr. Daniel Levitin—sex, drugs, and music[Read More…]

Benefits of geothermal energy discussed at Engineers-in-Action event

One of the biggest issues concerning attempts at reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the world’s complete dependency on burning fossil fuels for energy. Currently, modern livelihoods rely on continuous advancements in electricity, transportation, and technology. Antonino Lagana, the principal engineer at engineering company Stantec and a 1993 McGill University graduate[Read More…]

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