Uniting the chaos through sustainable changes

The McGill Environment Students' Society (MESS) is working to solve the lack of space for Environment students through sustainable initiatives, starting with the new MESS lounge. Upon receiving both basement space and funding from the School of Environment, the MESS council has been working to revamp the two rooms and couches sitting[Read More…]

Hello from the other side (of the world)

The proclamation “Exchange changed my life!” that many McGill students profess after a semester or two abroad may be clichéd, but it is rooted in genuine and unique experiences. As the upcoming Jan. 15 deadline for McGill’s study abroad program approaches, students will be deciding whether an exchange is right[Read More…]

Joen Lee Student of the week

Student of the Week: Joen Lee

At first glance, you would never expect that soft-spoken Joen Lee could throw down a mean R&B rap. Lee is the President of Effusion, one of McGill’s a cappella ensembles, and has devoted many hours to maintaining the well-oiled music-making machine. Lee plays the “mama figure” in the group, and[Read More…]

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