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Kicking back at L’Entrepôt

L’Entrepôt is a resto-bar famous for it’s $4.95 per meal menu. This past Sunday, the Student Living team took a fieldtrip to the trendy Mont-Royal neighbourhood to see what all the hype is about. Below are reviews from the section’s editors and contributors about what are must-tries and what can be passed up on. Have a restaurant you want us to review before you commit to it yourself? Email us at [email protected].

Liz Willcock, Staff Writer

When I first walked into L’Entrepôt, everything seemed vaguely familiar, but it wasn’t until I opened their menu that I put two and two together. Anyone who’s ever been to Whistler, British Columbia, will recognize L’Entrepôt as the Montreal equivalent to The Furniture Warehouse (commonly known as Fernies.) This restaurant on Avenue du Mont-Royal Est is almost identical to the time-honoured Whistler establishment, with big wooden tables, leather bar stools, and most importantly, the everything-is-$5 menu. Although I was skeptical the cheap food might mean we would lose out elsewhere, L’Entrepôt still has a cozy ambiance and reasonably large portion sizes. I got the Union Square salad, filled with ramen, avocado, chicken, and lettuce. It had a really tasty ginger soy dressing that made the combination of ramen and salad feel a little less weird for me. Although it was a little on the salty side, my $5.75 bill made me forget all about it.

Hailey MacKinnon, Editor

I’m pretty much always up for fish tacos—anywhere, anytime—so L’Entrepôt was appropriate for my next venture. I was pleasantly surprised with what I was served, especially for the price, as others have mentioned. The dish came with three fish tacos that were nicely battered and filled with corn, tomatoes, peppers, and a lime—all topped with a chipotle and mayo sauce. Though it didn’t live up to the likes of a similar dish (with a similar price) at Montreal’s also famous, L’Gros Luxe, it was still a satisfying meal in a relaxing hangout. Pro-tip: They only accepted cash and Visa, so don’t expect to use your debit card—although for $4.95 plus tax, you could probably pay for your meal with change rescued from under the couch cushions.

Keara Campos, Contributor

L’Entrepôt boasts a laid-back aesthetic with a homey interior and a patio area in the summer. I ordered the “Works Burger” which was a standard burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon, onions, and mayo. It was definitely good value for the amount, especially since it came with cream of broccoli soup as a side; however, keep in mind that because prices are affordable, the food isn’t necessarily amazing. It was an average burger without any twists, no house sauce or special ingredient—akin to a burger at a family BBQ due to the simplicity—though it would be hard to mess it up. Overall, the meal was less memorable than the conversation that was had. It’s not a place to visit for the food per se, but rather the atmosphere and good pricing.

Audrey Carleton, Staff Writer

L’Entrepôt maintains a casual, social vibe that allows the establishment to straddle the fine line between a bar and a restaurant. I ordered the Quinoa and Apple Salad, consisting of romaine lettuce, quinoa, and slivers of cucumber, avocado, and Granny Smith apple. It was topped with soy-honey-lime dressing, sweet corn salsa, and toasted almonds, and was both large and filling enough to have costed twice the price at any other restaurant. While quinoa is my go-to carb addition to make any salad more filling, I found the sauce saltier than preferable. The corn salsa was a nice addition, but what made the salad was the toasted almonds, which gave it a memorable crunch. Likely due in part to its wallet-friendly prices, the restaurant was nearly full at 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, which calls to question how full it typically is in the evening. To be safe, making a reservation in advance is advisable.

Julie Vanderperre, Managing Editor

Even on a Saturday afternoon in the dead of winter, L’Entrepôt was convivial and crowded with groups of friends gathering together for a weekend meal. The vibe is casual with album covers plastered on the walls and a skater feel. I ordered the roasted turkey sandwich, which came on cranberry sourdough bread, stacked with cheese, lettuce, and dripping with honey mustard. The sandwich was tasty, although it didn’t compete with my Thanksgiving leftover turkey, cranberry, and sweet potato leftover sammies. I ordered it with a side salad, which was a very simple bowl of mixed greens with vinaigrette. While it was nothing to write home about, the meal was satisfying and worth the price, and I would definitely head back with a group of friends again for some beers and burgers on the cheap.

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