Do it yourself, together

There’s no place like home, especially when you’re too young to go to any music venues. This is often the case with punk and its associated DIY scene, where many of their musicians and fans are teenagers and young adults. In places with bustling DIY scenes like Boston or Philadelphia,[Read More…]

Where do I begin?: Vaporwave

Sounds and images from the era of Windows 95 and peak mall culture manipulated to a degree that is both recognizable of its past roots yet remarkably separate from its source material; this is the spirit of the internet-born subculture, vaporwave.  The aesthetics of vaporwave revolve mainly around the popular[Read More…]

Courses of action for course materials

A new semester means new classes—and expensive textbooks. For many students, the first place that comes to mind for new textbooks is Le James at the corner of Sherbrooke and University, which gets jam-packed with students during the first few weeks of September and January. However, outside of the campus[Read More…]

Clubs still struggling to find spaces

In March 2018, the University Centre, commonly known among students as the “SSMU Building,” closed for much-needed renovations. While the building was scheduled to open by the end of that year, this date has been pushed back to April 2020, 16 months past the initial deadline. During this two-year period,[Read More…]

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