Know Your Athlete: Marty the Martlet

McGill is known for fostering success stories in academia and athletics alike and, proof that birds of a feather flock together, Marty the Martlet is no exception. Marty is just like most McGill students: He juggles the rigour of school with having fun and a full-time job—one that isdesigned to entertain us loyal McGill sports fans. But Marty wasn’t always a silly goose; he used to chicken out every time he was in the spotlight.

Ten things: comebacks

In the wake of the New England Patriots incredible 25-point comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, here are 10 other incredible sports comebacks.

The Williams sisters: From practice partners to tennis royalty

Venus and Serena Williams’ ascent to stardom has transcended sports and moved into the forefront of popular culture. Serena recent appearance in Beyonce’s music video for “Sorry” demonstrates the extent to which the sisters have penetrated all facets of American society. While their supremacy is undisputed, it’s the sisters’ humble roots, hours of relentless practice, and their father–a man who wouldn’t stop pushing his daughters to greatness–that go largely unnoticed. In a form of poetic justice, their sibling rivalry transcended childhood practice to one of the most prolific tournaments in the world.

Quidditch teams at McGill are more than just flightless brooms

The McGill Quidditch Club was created in 2008, becoming the first muggle Quidditch team in Canada and the only co-ed team at McGill. The sport has grown significantly since coming to McGill and competition to get on the team has increased along with the popularity of the sport. A second team, Canada’s Finest Quidditch Club, followed in 2012 due to high student interest in the sport.

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