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Boxe Office: A hit among McGill students

Over the past several years, boxing has seen a remarkable resurgence in both viewership and participation. The sport’s popularity has skyrocketed, likely in part due to the rise of “influencer boxing,” where organized fights amongst popular internet figures garner massive attention and millions in pay-per-view sales.  As boxing gains more[Read More…]

The cautionary tale of UFC’s Jon Jones

Jones’ highly publicized downfall has been just as rapid as his hard-fought rise. He isn’t exactly a poster boy as far as sports idols go. Jones’ weaknesses don’t lie in the technical areas of the sport itself, but rather his recklessness and lack of discipline. To see an athlete so technically gifted hindered by poor choices is truly disheartening for all fans of the sport. Jones has had numerous chances to redeem himself, but has failed to do so on all occasions. It could be argued that given his various incidents–including a hit and run in 2015–Jones shouldn’t even be allowed in the octagon.

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