The sky’s the limit—or is it?

McGill hosted the eighth Interstellar Symposium from July 10 to 13 and assembled a stellar panel of experts, ranging from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) engineers to space lawyers, to discuss how to expand civilization into space. The public panel featured: Alan Stern, the engineer in charge of the[Read More…]

At the precipice of discovery

Abstract Scientific publishing has become a ruthless game. The infamous aphorism of “publish or perish” describes the pressure academics feel to publish their research extensively and stay relevant within their field. This problem manifests and is tied to a host of other disparities of accessibility within the science research field.[Read More…]

Making soup with methane, vitamin D, mRNA, and shellfish waste

The 35th semesterly Soup & Science was one for the books, with top-notch student and professor research presentations accompanied by delectable soup. The McGill Tribune  brings you the presentations we liked best for a little taste of the event. Improving mRNA resilience by combining it with other molecules  U4 chemistry[Read More…]

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