Fall fashion to stay sleek and stylish

The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, and midterm season has students in its grips. Don’t let the drawbacks of autumn get you down. Here are some staple fall pieces to look adorable, stay warm, and survive the rest of October in style. Fingerless gloves If you’re not ready[Read More…]

Navigating sexual health resources at McGill

McGill provides many resources that seek to combat the stigma around sex and gynecological health, as well as provide safe and judgment-free service. Below is a list of four resources available to McGill students which aid in matters ranging from sexual health and contraception to counselling and education. Shag Shop[Read More…]

Summer fashion tips for women

  Festival essentials Music festival season is just around the corner. Wide-brimmed hats are an excellent measure to protect against both ultraviolet rays and raindrops, not to mention an added element of style for any outfit. From a sleek black hat with silver concho ornaments, to a more Western Suede-style[Read More…]

Montreal couture

The diversified culture of Montreal offers an ideal setting to create art through fashion. Two Montreal businesses, Kimberly Fletcher and It’s Not Cool It’s Weird (INCIW), work with drastically different crafts, leather, and vintage clothing in Montreal. However, both companies demonstrate that quality, dedication, and passion are key ingredients for[Read More…]

Campus Spotlight: ASB

The “McGill bubble” often makes it difficult to explore the Montreal community. In response, the university started an Alternate Spring Break (ASB) initiative that aims to expand students’ horizons beyond the McGill campus. For students invested in social justice, ASB took place over reading week and offered the opportunity to[Read More…]

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