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Kate Nash: Girl Talk

Kate Nash seems to embody what London is all about. Although she was born in the northwest of the city, her thrift-shop dresses are more East End and Shoreditch, with their small art galleries and open air markets. When she released her first album Foundations, her distinctive cockney accent and poppy melodies provided an ideal contrast to perfectly polished American tracks

On her third album, Girl Talk, Nash sounds like a woman releasing all the tension and stress after a harsh long day of work. The songs seem a lot less polished than on her previous two records, and Nash displays her real musical personality to the listeners. The record heads in a rock ‘n’ roll direction, as great guitar riffs and strong drumming replace the piano ballads of her two previous albums. Although Nash kept the distinctive poppy sound that made her reputation with songs like “Foundations,” she now seems to have moved from the edgy, colourful, and funny East End, to the punk rock,  Amy Winehouse territory of Camden Town. The album is replete with amusing references the singer makes to her previous song “Mariella,” such as on “Are You There Sweetheart,” while her distinctive vibrato and 1960s inspired style recalls some of her former work. This mix brings a good balance between musical exploration and fidelity to her own style.

Girl Talk embodies the idea of a modern, real-life young woman, trying to make her way in the world. To assist her, Nash has nothing but her cheeky sense of humour and her devil-may-care attitude for what others think.

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