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Akron/Family: Sub Verses

Ranging from creepy, melancholic songs, to energizing anthems and droning ballads, the experimental rock band Akron/Family’s seventh album Sub Verses intrigues the listener with layers of repetitive sound, rewarding them with each additional listen.

The album starts off alarmingly loud and captivating, surrounding the listener with many sounds that together, become a mesmerizing syrup that captures and directs attention. Each individual track is long and repetitive, yet altogether intriguing, as elements fade in and out. Each track possesses individual energy, which elicits unique responses.

Akron/Family started out as a folk band, but over the years, their sound moved away from this identity when they tried out different genres and searched for what fit them best. This album marks a large step in the rock and electronic direction, but still retains folk elements, such as vocal melodies.

The track “Sometimes I” stands out from the other tracks with its intense eeriness. It emphasizes chilling vocals, a slow, shrill violin, and echoing bass for five minutes, as it slowly transports you to a foggy graveyard at midnight with a full moon. Thankfully, the other songs are not nearly as terrifying, but they still possess a bit of lingering, intangible gloominess that darkens the album in all the right ways. However, the album is in no way depressing; the noisy guitar keeps most tracks upbeat.

With isolating headphones and a calm place to lie down, this album can capture the listener’s entire consciousness, and take them on an entertaining journey.

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