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Where do I begin?: ‘Ancient Aliens’

Ancient Aliens first aired on The History Channel in 2010, and for one month this year, I let it take over my life. The documentary-style series, produced by the Emmy Award-winning Kevin Burns, follows a group of conspiracy theorists as they attempt to convince the audience that life and culture on Earth began with aliens. Many of the “experts” featured in the show have no credentials other than having authored non-academic books on the subject. In fact, most of their claims have been blatantly rejected by actual scholars with training in archeology, and even Carl Sagan did not believe in UFOs

The Experience

The first time I watched this show, I was in disbelief. This piece of media called Ancient Aliens is out there, and the people that the show cites as specialists in alien activity are apparently real. But, from the get-go, before any so-called ‘experts’ have even been introduced, the show already had me in a daze of wonder and confusion. 

One of the immediately startling aspects of the show is its terrible production quality. The show uses bad artist renditions to help the audience visualize the encounters of ancient humans with extraterrestrial life, and I cannot imagine a worse use of money. Within seconds, I was hearing blatantly false statements, including that scientists do not understand the Bermuda Triangle. In reality, the phenomenon of airplanes and ships disappearing in the area between Southern Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico has been explained by scientists as nothing abnormal. The narrator, Robert Clotworthy, had already thrown a series of bold claims at the audience with absolutely no supporting evidence even before someone that the producers cite as an expert makes an appearance on screen. Words like “decades” and “millions” are used arbitrarily, seemingly at random, without citing any actual research. 

The Highlights

The first ‘expert’ that appears on screen in season two is none other than the disheveled-looking conspiracy theorist of meme fame Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. While I am delighted that most people do not take him seriously, it is still beyond me that anyone would pay him to appear on a show where all he does is throw meaningless sentences at the camera. What sets the cast of “experts” in this show apart is that they had the gumption to go out there and make these claims to the public. 

The title sequence is a remarkable piece of television. Ominously vague questions such as “Who were they?” and “Why did they come?” flash across the screen. These words, which rattle my core to this day, float mysteriously across stock images of the pyramids, Stonehenge, and other famous landmarks that drift around the words. 

The Power

Ancient Aliens went so far as to actually make me believe in aliens less. I have always accepted that the universe is infinite, so it makes sense that there would be life out there somewhere. But, the cast of this show and their alleged “evidence” of aliens have made me reconsider where I stand. Everything they say seems to discredit them more and more, yet the show stays true to its path. I can only compare the producers of Ancient Aliens to a horse with blinders on, except they put the blinders on themselves to actively ignore the scientific evidence that overwhelmingly counters all of their claims. In a weird way, I respect their stubbornness, and maybe it was the sheer audacity of everyone involved in its production that convinced me to keep watching the show a decade later.

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  1. You need to get your head out of the hole it’s in. You need to be more open-minded because if you think that current Scientists, Archaeologists and Egyptologists have the answers, you’re in for a big surprise. As our technology gets better (i.e. LIDAR), genealogy, etc.), the things we thought were facts, will be disproven and theories that you think are pseudoscience, will be the new facts and all our current text books will have to be rewritten. Now that we have multiple scientific disciplines working together (to include engineers, stone masons, geologists, etc), the answers to Humanity’s complicated past will be revealed. Do more research before you write anything else. Your article stinks.

    • A Non-Believer

      The Problem is, there’s also common sense that is wrong with it and ways we can easily explain using set in stone knowledge that the show never mentions which disproves the misleading theory.
      If you want an in depth thing this is good:

    • Clearly “A Believer” has to believe. If you debunk their belief sysem what do they have? Many times the “Believers” are only looking for why they have not met their goals in life. I certainly couldn’t be do to them so it must some external source. And a conspiracy is born.

  2. Paul Waygood

    Response to A Believer.
    Your name by implication suggests a form of faith. Faith in the fact that the whole of the “Ancient Alien” spiel is true. Your childish “faith” denies facts that stare into your closed eyes. You want it to be true. Conjecture does not prove anything. Could, would and if are words used so very often on the show. Never has anything been proven to substanciate your religion like, faith.
    The universe is huge (no proof of being infinite yet*) and I believe the probability of extraterrestrial life is likely.
    Why this life would come here, defying the laws of physics to get here to bugger around with humanity doesn’t bear investigation. An older civilization may have far better tools, spacecraft etc. However if the laws of physics are true as has been PROVEN they just won’t have been here. If as is regularly spouted on AA that we were/are stupid and they are oooh so clever who taught them? God?
    A ridiculous show based on false premises followed by niave idiots.

    • I still watch AA. It’s a great show, But why don’t aliens adduct black people? Why haven’t they given me any gold or platinum? For some reason I think I’m a hybrid, I think I can make other people think that I can make them think what I think you think

  3. Soumya Ranjan pradhan

    I have written many more theories and i want to join ancient aliens. I am from India. I am preet sure that my theories will amaze you. Can you help me please.

  4. Soumya Ranjan pradhan

    I am a Hindu guy and have a great knowledge on hinduism, holy scriptures and tells. I have written many theories on ancient alien and I am sure any ancient alien believer will amaze by reading it. I have unlock some of the great mystery and solve many riddles. But i am not able to contact ancient alien, can you please help me. Gd day.

  5. Michael Briggs

    E=MC2 Are solar systems is shrinking as the sun gets smaller its gravity pulls the Goldilocks Zone.
    Saton and Jupiter gravity pulls on the Mars moves the Goldilocks Zone closer.
    This will give Mars life?
    As Jupiter is pushed away from the Sun Venus is pulled closer to the Sun which is shrinking (e=mc2)
    We are now in the Goldilocks Zone and the Earth is cooling as it gets closes to Mars with the Sun shrinking (e=mc2).

  6. You think the Catholics leaders wear their headgear on special occasion to emulate the look of the ancient ancestors. Look at the pictures of the bishop’s and greater headgear, it looks like elongated heads. Maybe the angels they saw looked like what the pyramids in Egypt had on their walls

  7. The enthusiasm of the presenters knows no bounds! These alleged PHd’s and Authors are 100% convinced that Aliens helped shape the Human Race with their construction methods and other various types of strange ‘Rocket shaped’ Obelisks and weird structures! What a load of tosh, especially if these naraters try to seed the mind with….” Could it be possible that………” Nope, not even possible. If Ancient Aliens helped shaped the planet, things wouldn’t look like they do now and there’d be far more sketches and wall paintings of strange beings than childish like ‘Scrawls on Walls’ because the kids didn’t have Blackboards back then!

    What could be more likely is that Microbial Life came to Earth on a Comet and seeded it, so these so called ‘Aliens’ could very well be ‘us’ and we all came from thousands of Light Years away ago after floating through the Universe mixed in with Ice Crystals in Comet Tails. Whether or not we were deliberately seeded by another race is only a vague possibility, hence the frequent visitations by ‘UFO’ from wherever and from which ever dimension, to check on their ‘Plant Life’ which they infested the Earth with billions of years ago. A UFO isn’t necessarily a Flying Saucer although the generic term UFO means ‘Flying Saucer’, but clearly, any aerial phenomenon that can’t be identified. I have however, witnessed objects that I can guarantee were not from this Planet, so they ARE out there, going about their interplanetary business (Seeding Planets in the Galaxy!?)

    These so-called Professors appear to have nothing better to do than claim they are convinced they have handled the skull of an ‘Extra Terrestrial being…and they get paid to try to fool the General Viewing Public in thinking so. They should be ashamed of themselves! “Is it possible….”…that these presenters are not really professors or Doctors, but have purchased the titles online or are they really Aliens themselves from another country which does make them Alien to the region they inhabit. What they seem to do best is travel all over the world, procuring Bull Shi*t and adding to the pollution of the Planet just to handle some shovel like artifact, alleged to have been dug up from 30’ down with a patina on it that has been buried for 50, 000 years, and claimed to be a a landing foot for an Alien Spacecraft (PMSL). My guess is that it was a very recent, ‘Doctored’ rejected section of the shovel part of a ‘Grab Arm’ which had been buried for sometime under the rubble they were originally clearing, which simply broke away 100 years ago, or was purely faulty manufacturing. What it isn’t is something from Outer Space, just inner space. What a bunch of Wally’s. The other leg has bells on it?

    Rendlesham Forest UFO was a known hoax, but was Travis Walton’s Alien Abduction. Probably the most plausible story around which seems very credible. I for one tend to believe his tale more than any other. As for Ancient Aliens, naa, very far fetched but either way, it makes amusing Television! IF it did happen, it will and has happened again, but still NO conclusive proof. If it were proven, there would be mass suicides as people wouldn’t be able to get their heads around it?

    • A French Enthusiast

      “it makes amusing Television” exactly that’s why most people watch it I think.
      ” but still NO conclusive proof.” same thing goes for religions, some part of history, or how we were created etc..

      “If it were proven, there would be mass suicides as people wouldn’t be able to get their heads around it?”
      People probably made up religions because they couldn’t handle death, I think even if someday we have proof that is not in accordance with their religions they will still deny it even with a conclusive proof.

      • They often say, “Is it possible that…” Well, we don’t know what’s IMPOSSIBLE, but I think anyone with any common sense would be able to work out that if an Alien Race had travelled light years to get here, or there was an ancient civilisation established on Earth millions of year ago that was not indigenous of this Planet, you can bet that anyone with the technology to get here wouldn’t require a raised rocky mound to land on, or physically perch on a Pyramid to charge their batteries with!
        Erich Von Daniken said in his lecture that, “You didn’t read the question marks in my book(s)” , so he’s only left it all open for people to make their own minds up. As for Giants having sex with Earth people to create a different species of people that has subsequently disappeared, or were responsible for assisting with the making of Pyramid shaped temples…out of STONE, no definitely not. Aliens didn’t seed the mind of the Mayans with ‘Rays of intelligence’, they achieved quality building status by natural progression, nothing to do with Aliens.

        Georgia Tsoukalos, nice guy that he seems, conjures up so many far fetched ideas that haven’t an ounce of credibility. Alien Space Craft didn’t levitate many tonnes of rock in place in front of all-seeing eyes because there would be many depictions of craft dotted about all over the place in far more detail than paint splodges on Rocks!

        Whilst an Alien race MAY well have been here in the past, there isn’t ONE plausible image that shows beyond any doubt that Alien craft are visiting. As far as Roswell is concerned, it is highly unlikely that a Space Craft that has the technology to get here would crash and break into a million pieces, yet to find alleged samples that cannot be drilled or folded and stay folded without a mark wouldn’t smash into little pieces in the first place!

        The program, whilst interesting, is farcical. I mean, to go into Roswell with a metal detector, dig up alloy ‘slag’, transport it to a Laboratory and spend hours trying to determine that it came from outer space is a ludicrous waste of time and money. Should anything like this actually exist…and I suppose it could, we’d NEVER see it or hear about it. If an Alien Being was being studied, they’d keep this under wraps too. The Alien Autopsy was a fake taken using nothing more than a crumby old movie camera with some guy behind the lens who couldn’t work it properly, jerking it about all over the place…OUTSIDE ‘controlled conditions’.

        Finally, Rendlesham Forest…the UK’s ‘Roswell’. Each time this is shown in its many guises, the story changes and gets more elaborate each time, and it was said to be an elaborate Hoax. Beams of light coming down from the sky, scanning the Nukes…well that’s as maybe. I wasn’t there, so who knows. As I said earlier, we don’t know what is possible and things we think of today that are impossible, will be possible later on, but in the majority of cases, Von Daniken and the other authors want to sell their books again, but the way they tell ’em is interesting enough, but they mostly spout rubbish. All you have to do is listen to what they say and dissect the content with logic and form an opinion. If you believe all that lot, well the word ‘Gullible’ comes to mind. I watch it to have a good laugh, nothing more. Of all the programs they made and all the alleged Alien Intervention that was supposed to take place…NOTHING exists, no clues, nothing because they weren’t lending a hand. The structures are NOT proof of Aliens, just made by clever designers from times gone by…who were not Aliens. Had they been, we’d be WAY more advanced than we are today, so it’s all hypothetical and without a shred of tangible evidence.

  8. Ancient Aliens TV show is totally a misleading TV program and these idiots are captivating the audience with lies and fake information. They are further misleading a whole bunch of confused audiences, and proudly signing autographs and selling thier thrashy books to public. Read the Quran all the answer are written about realities of life and death and bieng born on this earth all for a purpose, GOD did not create tree this universe in vain, there is no such thing as extraterrestrial or ancient Aliens, God says in Quran that he has created a community like us and they are called Jin in Quran, God created them with fire, and they are invisible and they live amongst us, we cannot see them, but the Jins can see US God says Jins decend upon non believers and mislead them further into evil activities and make them hier of hell, those who have faith in god and do good works God protects those beings and good Angel’s walk along side of believers, so they could help the believers from pit falls, Jins cannot come close to believers who are surrounded by good Angel’s, but the Jins descends upon non believers and evil doers and they lead them Astray in life, Jins have been cursed by GOD, because they failed and refused to do Gods nodding, therefore the entire community of Jins were expelled out of heavens, and Jins made a proclamation to god that they will mislead mankind to hell, Jon’s know that those who are firm believers of god, Jins cannot approach them, but those who are evil doers Jins flock upon them, and these are those non believers who proclaim theories about ancient Aliens, because these people are fed with untruthful information, and they spread lies and falsehood and they spread falsehood to those who themselves have shy shaky belief. And these are those people who spread all these falsehood about Ancient Alien Thories which are lies and baseless theories and those who flock to such misleading stories are the minions of the Jins and follow thier untruthful guidance, In Quran GOD says “” God taught man by the pen what he did not know, and mankind could not move an inch without Gods help, All these Ancient Aliens theorist and thier Audiences are all Jins or thier Minnions, and this is the truth from GOD

    • Hahahaha holy crap

    • ……and again…in your zeal to discredit and “prove” that any belief in aliens is absurd..:you blindly believe that there are invisible bad spirits who can only effect non believers? And that this God who created the entire universe cannot simply remove them from the equation. Like everyone else…you choose to believe what you want to believe. No more..No less

  9. Larry g Smith

    Greetings Earthlings!
    I get my Political news from CNN, MSNBC , plus the fair and balanced reporting on FOX network. Primarily to check out how both sides spin the same story. One person’s conspiracy theory is another man’s truth. I like chocolate and you like vanilla although both of us like Ice Cream.
    Just how ancient man was able to levitate a 100 ton (chiseled perfectly) stone from one mountain top to another is curious to me. Where the heck did we come from? We share DNA with every living thing on Earth with one exception.
    Ancient man placed the location of Pluto in our solar system without the aid of telescopes. There is ancient evidence of Nuclear explosions taking place here on Earth and Mars. Don’t look back lest you be turned into a pillar of salt warned an angel of God.
    I witnessed a UFO rip across the night sky July 7th 1997 50 miles west of Fort Riley Army Base. I pray that whatever it was belongs to the USA or we are doomed to submit. Perhaps technological advances will help shed some light on the mystery. Keep an open mind and don’t panic when the revelation comes!
    Chicken bones, copper chisels, ropes and pulley’s did not build the Giza Pyramids or Puma Punku. Until someone can explain how they could and we cannot given the benefit of huge machinery……
    I am listening!
    it was larry

  10. You Shtink

  11. I too have SEEN a UFO and it is without worldly explanation. So I know aliens are here and are real. Yes A A stretches ALOT to get a lot of their info and direction which is sad but there is so much that simply can not be explained. One example and let me know if you have an explanation for it. A 2 ton sarcophagus lid 100 feet below ground in “the Osiris Tomb” which will not even fit down the shafts to reach the room and its carved from non resident stone.
    There are thousands more but our current knowledge couldn’t get us there. But somehow thousands of years ago theirs did.
    Just sayin.

  12. What do you think of the Caltech mathematical model of the solar system (Planet X)? Those scientists are as real as they get. Don’t you find it odd that the documentary chronicled the orbit of Nibiru to be so similar in orbiting period of this now, almost indisputable mathematical proof, such a planet really exists? They found Neptune with math first, and sure enough, it was there. We can detect the perturbations in all the other planets, and there’s really no better explanation. Honestly, they should update that series some more recent findings. Planet X isn’t the only ‘strange coincidence’ we’ve discovered since 2010. Your facts seem a little outdated, if that old documentary is all you know about it.

    • And, incase you think snopes is ‘accurate’, perhaps you should go direct to the source, at Caltech, to confirm the information. Snopes debunks the ‘catastrophe’ part, but does not tell the full truth, that the planet DOES exist.

  13. J. Duane Knudson, Major, USAF, ret.

    In the episode “Top Ten Alien Cover-Ups” the location of the UFO siting ,(Malmstrom AFB) in Great Falls Montana was stated as being closed. I live in Great Falls and can assure you the 341st Missle Wing is active along with the 90th Missle Wing in Cheyenne Wyoming. Together these bases are the backbone of our land based nuclear defense network.

  14. Couldnt have put it better. I agree and feel the same way. This show goes further towards disproving the existence of any form of extra terrestrial life. I’ve tried a few times to watch it, even as a comedy of silliness. It’s embarrassing and doesn’t do much to validate the HISTORY channel in any way. I realize that they embellish on the majority of their shows, but if their is any kind of actual evidence on these programs, its buried under miles of stupid crap that even 5 year olds would role their eyes at

    • …and so say all of us! I suppose there are a lot of mugs out there but these guys have no plausible logic or conclusive evidence to back up what they tell us, any more than Bill and Ben live in Flower pots at the bottom of the garden?!

  15. Of course the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis is going to be denied by “mainstream” science. Those people are on the payroll of the people who run the planet; and since the lifeblood of the earth is the lie; and they profit enormously from keeping that lie in place and maintaining the status quo.
    They want the people to either believe in nothing; that is evolution; which leads to nihlism and resignation – or religion; which keeps them docile and compliant. They want nothing to CHANGE; because any change threatens their undeserved wealth and power.
    Plato once said no one is more hated than the truth teller; and all the invective directed at Ancient Aliens (the show) tells me they are likely getting dangerously close to the actual truth abouth the origins of the human race.
    Socarates once said that he was the wisest man alive; because he knew that he knew nothing. Thus the arrogance of the “Skeptic Societies” – with their profound hubris – as if they – knowing a fraction more than absolutley nothing – ridiculously perceive themselves as the arbiters of “truth” and “right and wrong”. It is so absurd it is obscene.
    The breadth of man’s knowledge when laid against all wisdom is really no more than the distance between his toes vis a vis the span of the galaxy.
    I applaud the producers of the show for their burning desire for truth – something most of mainstream academia hates with a passion for the main casualty of truth is always profit margins.

  16. Who can be contacted to answer questions that the subject is not clear at least to me

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