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CD REVIEW: Boxer the Horse – Would You Please

Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Jeremy Gaudet, drummer Andrew Woods, Isaac Neily on keyboard and Richard MacLeod on bass, Boxer the Horse is a home-grown Canadian band with lots of kick. The boys hail from Charlottetown, where the music is crude and the coastal vibe is real.

After the release of their self-titled demo shortly followed by their EP, “The Late Show,” the band gained a strong following in the Maritimes. With the national release of their first full-length album, Would You Please, the band is slowly moving west and making waves beyond their island home.

The band’s ability to shoot straight and maintain a clearly defined sound should never be underrated. There is never too much going on at one time, making it easy to focus on the distinct components of each song. Loud and clear, they master their own sound, and give a kind shout out to Montreal between the up-beat blasts in “Pot Valiant.”

These boys are fresh and hold lots of potential. Would You Please is fun to listen to, and the band’s honest sound is a fresh addition to the indie rock scene. Contrary to the title of their first track, I’m finding it hard to see any “Bad Apples” in this bunch.

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