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Deep Cuts


Artist: Childish Gambino

Album: Because the Internet

Released: December 6, 2013

With the release of his new album, Because the Internet, Childish Gambino introduces us to head banger, “Sweatpants.” ‘Bino uses his intelligent wordplay, and ghostly beat to create a musical aura of contagion. Rapping about the luxuries of the rich is sure to sound addictive to even the most modest of people. With a dry wit accompanying an impressive flow, “Sweatpants” will surely have you pressing the replay button.

All that I’ve Got

Artist: Rebecca Ferguson 

Album: Freedom

Released: December 2, 2013

Ferguson has created a breakup anthem for women everywhere with the release of “All that I’ve Got.” Her raspy tone allows for a vivid portrayal of recovery following episodes of immense heartbreak. With the help of a subdued tempo and dramatic instrumentals, this track sets itself apart from the rest of the album. Ferguson’s war-like portrayal of a bad breakup is sure to have every woman chanting.


Artist: Rosie Lowe

Album: Right Thing EP

Released: December 2, 2013

A newcomer to the music scene, Rosie Lowe seems to have created the perfect niche for her unique sound. “Games” is a rare hybrid between the genres of R&B, soul, and Indie pop. The track hypnotizes with the melodies of its verses and lures with the soul found in its chorus. Lowe will undoubtedly have listeners hooked with the distinctive approach she takes to her craft.

All Your Reasons

Artist: Jake Bugg

Album: Shangri La

Released: November 18, 2013

At 19 years of age, Bugg’s lyrics leave listeners pondering the depths of his musical talents and his ceiling as an artist. “All Your Reasons” has a bluesy chord progression, and folk-like sound. With a style that recalls the likes of Donovan, Jake Bugg impresses with his raw talent. Live acoustic performances of “All Your Reasons” will entice you to delve deeper into Shangri La.

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