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Deep Cuts

Indisposed (feat. Cyph4)

Artist: Deluxe

Album: The Deluxe Family Show

Released: Sept. 20, 2013

Deluxe takes you on a wild journey through genres and styles held together by the boundlessly energetic singer Liliboy and her mustachioed musicians. As it brings together electro, hip-hop, jazz, and swing, the French band’s new album is powerful and strikingly rich. On “Indisposed,” a mostly English track, Deluxe shows the ability to retain its artistic trademark while always introducing new melodies, such as the song’s soothing classical guitar riff. Smooth and slightly somber, “Indisposed” makes it worthwhile to check out this group, which is still relatively unknown in North America.

Can’t Wait

Artist: Laura Cantrell

Album: No Way There from Here

Released: Jan. 28, 2014

Listening to “Can’t Wait” while walking back home after a long day of studying feels like drinking warm sips of comfort-in-a-can. In this new track, Laura Cantrell diverges from the nostalgic folk tone that has characterized her previous albums. She comes back with a warm romance song that combines a catchy rhythm with simple yet profound lyrics.

Youts in War

Artist: Brain Damage/Vibronics feat. M. Parvez

Album: Empire Soldier

Released: Oct. 10, 2013

Using reggae and dub to denounce historical denial: this is the task the French reggae bands Brain Damage and Vibronics have undertaken in Empire Soldier, dealing with African and Carribbean involvement in the First World War. The depth of such a political statement is particularly striking. Yet, while the density of the message saturates most of the songs of the album, “Youts in War” stands out for its ability to combine strong lyrics with an engaging melody.

Spinning Signs

Artist: Painted Palms

Album: Forever

Released: Jan. 14, 2014

Imagine a summer breeze enveloping the streets of Montreal as the bright new release of Painted Palms punctuates your day. In this second album, the two cousins from San Francisco display a clever ability to combine the heritage of classic pop with more modern electronic patterns. While some criticize Painted Palm’s unavoidable inspiration from the Beach Boys, it seems that the band rather re-actualises it. In playful fashion, they mix echoed voices, groovy tunes, and light electro for a track that has a good chance of sticking in your head all day.

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